I am available for consultancy services, managing new projects, managing teams and creating and implementing strategies for your business. I am also available for discussing full time and fixed term employment.


Do you need more sales or a more productive workforce? Do you need to re-evaluate your digital marketing processes or start from scratch building up your social media channels? I'm the right person for you.

Social Media

I have experience of developing and implementing social media strategies that will increase brand awareness, increase sales and develop your online presence. I am also available to create, monitored and analyze your social media campaigns.

Web Development

I will help you with your digital project. Experience with consultancy, maintenance, development of UX websites and apps, accompanied by a rigorous analysis.



Do you have any problem with your current strategy? You are not sure that your website is working fine? You are not able to get your business goals in a digital platform? I can solve your problem and work with you to manage any project.


Big experience collecting, quantifying, analyzing and reporting data. I can help you to optimize your campaigns. The key to detect new business opportunities is analyzing the consumer performance.


Extensive experience managing performance strategies. I can help you creating and implementing display and rich media campaigns with success.