Client: Ford Motor Company

How was the initial situation?

The Ford Mustang target group is very exclusive and hard to reach.

The first objetive of this campaign was catch their attention on the New Mustang Spanish launch generating product trials. In order to do so, we created The Sound of Glory: an innovative mailing that uses a simple technology that makes everyone feel how is drive a car like the New Mustang.


How was the implementation?

The Sound of Glory is an identical reproduction of the Mustang’s accelerator pedal that can be synchronized via FM dial with any car audio system.
It works with an antenna and a pressure sensor, so every time step on it, the pedal send the information to your car’s audio system that automatically reproduces the iconic sound of the New Ford Mustang.

Intended to reach this target, this simple mail delivered the adrenaline of accelerating an amazing car.

On the brochure, the target would also find a QR code that would lead them directly to a web where they could Schedule a full Mustang experience at their closest dealerships.

This campaign was also communicated in Ford’s Social Media channels. There people could tell us why they should win one of this pedals.


The result was…


This campaign was awarded with one bronze Cannes Lions (2016).