Client: Ford Motor Company


How was the initial situation?

Millions of elderly live alone in Spain and can go over a month without speaking to person. On the other hand, in Spain, every Sunday the dealerships are closed. What means that hundreds of test drives cars are stacked on dealerships parking with no use.


What was the solution?

We decided to make the most of every Sunday, when the dealer is closed and use Ford test drive cars to spend time with these elderly people.

We have created Sunday Drive, a Ford project that makes easier to connect people. Through a web platform, everyone could become a volunteer by scheduling an available test-drive car, the city and the elderly they choose to help.


How we made it real?

We knew that we needed a charitable company taking care of old people based in Madrid to start with the pilot program. The chosen one was ABG (Asociación Benéfica Geriátrica).

They needed a big communication push to give a better support to their senior centers and Ford was looking for someone who really was involve in human cares in order to make something big and real. So it could be a win-win challenge.


The result was…

 Project performance

After launching Sunday Drive, a lot of old people is supported by this program.  

• More than 500 people wanted to become a volunteer in Madrid to spend their weekends with seniors.
• Hundreds of car reservations have been taken place and hundred of new friendships between volunteers and elderly people have grown.
• Two thousand people have asked about amplify this project to other Spanish cities (Valencia, Barcelona, Sevilla…).
• The Sunday Drive web has collected more than twenty thousand visits in few months.

To this day, the campaign is live and keep growing.

If you are not already a member, please go ahead. You can’t miss it!

Nothing can be more satisfying than make people happy.