Client: Ford Motor Company

How was the initial situation?

We had a big challenge: find out new ways to approach Ford to the local market in order to support the brand position in the familiar vehicles segment because the brand purpose is “make life easier for families”.

The familiar vehicles market niche was crowded, so it was quite clear that the new approach shouldn’t be in talk about cars as the other brands made, but in offer something to consumers related to the brad innovation effort to make easy the family lives.


Finding what makes family lives easier…

Every parent know that when a baby arrives home, it means that they are not will be able to sleep the whole night for several years.

Babies often have problems to fall asleep and parents try all the ways to help them: singing, walking, playing soft music, etc. Parents are desperately looking for sleep tips for their babies because they miss sleep the entire night without interruptions.

An study informs that new parents will sleep five hours each night and they will lose between 400 and 700 sleeping hours during the first year of their baby life.

Ford knew that this insight could be point to to find a different solution for a common issue, and consequently, make the family lives easier.


What we did?

We created Max Motor Dreams, a baby’s crib capable of accurately simulating the sensations of a car ride.

The crib is controlled by a simple app that tracks the baby’s favorite routes as you drive, including the car movement, sounds, gentle vibration of the engine and even ambient lighting. The technology in the crib allows users to reproduce all these features through the application.

The exact same sensation as riding in a Ford, without leaving home.

To achieve this special finish , the design focused on three keys:

  1. Sound: the crib has a speaker system in the bottom to reproduce a Ford engine sound. The sound must be soft to recreate the sense of being inside the car.
  2. Movement: the crib should reflect the motion of the vehicle on the road through vibrations and tilts emulating some road bends and lane changes.
  3. Lights : lights are a very important element in driving experience. So, we included LEDs to reproduce the street lights of the night.

The mix of these elements was essential because are these items which could cause drowsiness in babies. The effect is like make a trip at night after a long day.




How was the campaign?

This project was focused on an explicative video showing the innovative crib and the website where users could get the product.


How can users get the crib? Very simple… they only have to visit and request a test drive of a Ford family vehicle. Among all the participants we will raffle this incredible crib.

To communicate this great project, we used Ford Social Media channels with page post video formats. Also, we developed a digital media strategy to reach all the Spanish families with babies which may be are looking for a new family car or in a consideration stage.


Project performance

The projects has been a success. With a very small investment we’ve achieve:

  • More than 4 million video views (40% organic views).
  • More than one hundred thousand interactions.
  • Above 7 million reach in social media post.
  • More than 1 thousand of family vehicles test drive requests.

This innovative products raised the interest of a lot of mass medias to get more information about this crib in order to publish it in their channels for free as: Good Morning America, Cnbc, Top Deco&Home Accents, Auto Plus, Bbc Top Gear Nederland, Bild, Business Insider Uk, Daily Mirror, El Economista, El Mundo, Expansion, Huffington Post, Motor Zeitung, Pc Magazine, Republica, Rtl, Techcrunch, The Sun, Le Figaro…


Awarded with one Gold Prize in El Sol Festival in the Design category.
Awarded with one Silver Prize in El Sol Festival in the Innovation category.
Awarded with two Bronze Prizes in El Sol Festival in Innovation and Mobile Apps categories.

Ibero-American Advertising Festival  (2017).